I have a computer again after a particularly long period living primarily off my iPhone. It’s a great device, and I rely on it for numerous tasks. Writing, however, is not one of them. Now that I’m back in the land of keyboards, I hope to get back into the swing of things here.

About Spiritual Manna

For some time, I’ve been cross-posting entries from Ethan Longhenry’s excellent Spiritual Manna here. As of last week, I’m going to cease those cross-posts. This is not because I disagree with Ethan in any way on his recent work. Far from it, in fact. The problem is that I’ve begun using his content as a crutch to keep the site active between my weekly updates of sermons I’ve recorded.

I’d rather be creating content than continue to rely on someone else. Spiritual Manna and another of Ethan’s great blogs, Renewed In Spirit, are being added to the links in my sidebar. Also, if you have found his posts edifying, I recommend you simply subscribe to his writing. I’m glad he’s been so kind as to let me cross-post his work, but I need to get back to my own writing.

Welcome to Our New Contributor

Ethan Longhenry is a brother in Christ who preachers for a church of Christ in Norwalk, Ohio. I met Ethan online several months ago and have been continually impressed with his ability to self-reflect and to look at difficult scriptural matters with a level head. Not long after I got to know him, Ethan began publishing a devotional through Facebook called Spiritual Manna, and it’s one of the few online devotionals I read on a regular basis.

I asked Ethan if he would mind me posting his devotionals to this site, and he graciously agreed. I have several of his devotionals saved, and, in the coming weeks, I’ll be adding them to our material here at Simply Gospel. My sincere hope is that you come away every bit as edified and encouraged from reading his posts as I have these last few months.