Plans for 2014

You’ve probably already noticed the site has a new look for the new year. It will probably get a few more tweaks in the coming weeks. Here are some other things on deck:

  • Cleaning Up Categories.  This is going to take some planning, but I’d like to finally fix the site categories. Once upon a time, this site served a slightly different purpose as it primarily hosted writings by other authors. As I’ve transformed it into a place hosting more personal studies, the categories never made a transition.
  • Bring tags Back. This is primarily for search engine magic. Don’t expect to see a tag cloud appearing soon.
  • More Posts. My current goal is to blog weekly with links shared intermittently in between full posts. Some of those link might even be my own stuff at other locations.

There you go. Those are my 2014 resolutions for Simply Gospel. I hope you continue to benefit from visiting the site as I do from working on it!

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