Why Did Christians Flock to Trump?

Vox: Why Christian Conservatives Supported Trump — and Why They Might Regret It

The questions in the interview are every bit as insightful as the answers — giving an insight about how recent events are shaping an unbeliever’s view of Christians.

Moreover, it speaks to the dangers of creating cults of personality or lifting up individuals as “religious leaders.” (That would be people like James Dobson or Franklin Graham, not the president.) Their hypocrisies and power plays end up projected onto Christianity as a whole. I write this as a very conservative Christian.

Finally, this quote regarding whether or not recent events could damage the reputation of Christians:

I don’t think there’s any question about that. I think they have bet the farm on Donald Trump. They’ve taken a tremendous risk, and if Donald Trump betrays their vision, which he’s already done in some matters, then their banner may be driven from the field of cultural debate for a generation or more. They will simply not be heard, because they are standing with him no matter what he does. They’re too far in now to back away from him and distance themselves.

This isn’t a question of those who simply voted for the current president. It’s about the continued overwhelming support, enthusiasm, and justifications wrapped up therein.

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