The Church of Partisanship

Patheos: Don’t Support This Bill, Oppose This Bill

The worst thing that has happened with the church since the 60s but especially since the 80s (under Reagan) has been the politicization and partisanization of the church.

Church cultures now exist where in a local church if you are not a Republican or a Democrat you don’t fit. This is surrendering to Caesar what belongs to God alone.

Now there is a bill underway, attached to the tax bill, that would permit churches or pastors or church leaders to identify with a political party and announce support for a political party and encourage church folks to support a political party.

Preachers bringing partisanship into the pulpit does nothing but harm the body of Christ. My wife and I were visiting a congregation last year where we heard a prayer from the pulpit that spoke of one politician as “God’s chosen” and thanked God for bringing him to deliver God’s people from the evils of previous years. We haven’t visited since.

For fear of banging on the same drum too much, I cannot say enough against this form of modern idolatry.

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