Two Godly Women

With Mother’s Day being celebrated today, one thinks of I Peter 3:5-6 which refers to godly women as daughters of Sarah. We emphasize that we are sons of a King, and Sarah’s name means “princess.” In this lesson, let’s look at two godly women who made an impact on those around them – Sarah and Jochebed.

The Examples of Sarah and Jochebed

In Hebrews 11:11, the author of this book praises Sarah’s faith that He could deliver her a son. This story is recounted in Genesis We see how, at first, Sarah laughs at the thought of bearing a child, but, in chapter 21:6 Sarah’s laugh becomes one of rejoicing in God’s faithfulness. Also, Hebrews 11:23 discusses Moses’ mother who hid him and taught him in defiance of Pharaoh’s orders.

From Genesis 12-21, Sarah is with Abraham every step of his journey. All those sacrifices Abraham makes, Sarah must make as well. Abraham would not have been able to father a nation without Sarah, and the promise of the Messiah begins through her. In these events, she trusts God, and we can demonstrate that same strength and trust as mothers and Christians as well.

Exodus 2 begins the story of Moses’ mother who goes to great lengths to protect her child for three months. At one point, Jochebed basically puts Moses under God’s care, despite the heartbreak involved, placing her faith in His ability to protect and deliver her child. Instead of simply going along with the unjust laws of her land, she does what she has to do to protect her child. She places Moses along a path that leads him to Pharaoh’s household. His sister Miriam sees to it that Jochebed tutors her own child.

Moses’ mother puts herself and her family at risk for the sake of her child. She takes a leap of faith many of us would have problems taking. She trusts in a all-powerful God, and she raises her son (as a nursemaid) to trust in that same God, giving him the same faith and values she holds. Later Moses will reject his status as Egyptian royalty for the sake of God, and his mother is pivotal in him coming to that decision. She teaches him to know who he really is.


If we are like Jochebed and like Sarah, we can trust in God for the right things. We can be the examples we should be. Romans 8:28 assures us that our efforts are blessed if we put effort into doing right. Sarah and Jochebed are examples of this, both preserved as heroes of faith in Hebrews 11.

Titus 2:4 speaks of the love mothers should have for their husbands and children, and we see that love exemplified in these two women. Sarah’s love and faith helps bring about the promises of Israel and the Messiah. Jochebed’s love and faith helps raise the leader who would bring God’s people out of captivity. We can accomplish much if we place our faith in God as these women did.

lesson by Tim Smelser