Respecting Our Name

Many of us use business cards to identify who we are and what we do. They serve to help us remind people of us when they have need for a specific service. In Japan, one treats a business card with respect and honor because the businessman tries to conduct himself with respect and honor. It is an extension of him. To disrespect his card disrespects him.

In this context, let’s discuss the respect we have for the name we wear, the label we identify with and that serves as an extension of our selves. Wearing the name Christian means recognizing what it means to be redeemed by a sacrificing and sacrificing in return. We often speak of respecting one another, but we might not respect ourselves. We may question our self-worth, but God found us worthy of His love and mercy.

When we call ourselves Christians, we are saying we are sons of God. Luke 6:40 records Jesus saying that anyone who properly receives teaching will take after the teacher. We should be conforming our lives to be our Master. We praise Christ’s glory and His character, and our lives should be reflecting those qualities. Romans 8:28-29 calls us to do good, conforming to the image of Jesus in our activities, and Galatians 4:19 records Paul asking believers to form Christ in them. In II Corinthians 3:18, the author describes how Christ should be reflected in us as a mirror reflects an image.

Matthew 10:24-25 calls us to be like Him who teaches us. We wear the name Christian, but do our actions really demonstrate that name? Jesus said He came to serve others rather than be served. Philippians 2:1-11 describes Christ’s example in detail – one who gave up all for our sakes, humbling Himself, and sacrificing Himself for us. He was holy and sinless. We wear the name of our Teacher and Master. His qualities should be evident in all we say and do if we are respecting ourselves and our God as His followers.

lesson by Tim Smelser