Why Did Christians Flock to Trump?

Vox: Why Christian Conservatives Supported Trump — and Why They Might Regret It The questions in the interview are every bit as insightful as the answers — giving an insight about how recent events are shaping an unbeliever’s view of Christians. Moreover, it speaks to the dangers of creating cults of personality or lifting up individuals […]

The Church of Partisanship

Patheos: Don’t Support This Bill, Oppose This Bill The worst thing that has happened with the church since the 60s but especially since the 80s (under Reagan) has been the politicization and partisanization of the church. Church cultures now exist where in a local church if you are not a Republican or a Democrat you don’t fit. […]

We’re Not Saved By Being Right

Focus Press: A Dangerous Trend in the Churches of Christ When we’re constantly covering baptism, the instrument, and the other doctrines that set us apart from the denominational world, growth comes to a halt. As Hebrews 5:11-14 discusses, there comes a time when we need to move beyond the fundamentals and onto the meat of the word. When […]

No One Left to Blame

Christianity Today: Sorry Christians, We Can’t Blame the Media Any More Christians love playing the “blame the media” game. Not long ago, we might have had a legitimate claim that our reputation was bad because the media was against us. That’s not the case anymore. Oh sure, the media in general may still think negatively about […]

Arguments About Christmas

Radically Christian: Why Arguments About Christmas are Counterproductive In my childhood, I argued about Christmas a lot. “You know,” I would say in a matter-of-fact tone, “Jesus wasn’t really born on December 25th.” I relished correcting people about the inaccuracies of their religious holiday and their little nativity scenes. Since then I’ve learned, you can be right […]


Timothy Archer: You Can’t Understand the Bible Without Interpreting It If we don’t interpret the Bible, we can never hope to understand it. And if we come to understand what the Bible is saying, then we have interpreted it correctly. I’m glad Philip didn’t have a prejudice against interpretation. He interpreted the Isaiah passage the eunuch […]