The Bible Project

The Bible Project: Visual Storytelling Meets The Bible

The Bible Project is a collection of visually engaging explorations or accounts, stories, and themes from the Bible. Not only is there a good wealth of well organized information here, but (as a bonus) the design quality and production values of the videos are better than I’m used to seeing.

Check it out. You might find something you can use in a future study or you might even learn something yourself.

We’re Not Saved By Being Right

Focus Press: A Dangerous Trend in the Churches of Christ When we’re constantly covering baptism, the instrument, and the other doctrines that set us apart from the denominational world, growth comes to a halt. As Hebrews 5:11-14 discusses, there comes a time when we need to move beyond the fundamentals and onto the meat of the word. When […]


Timothy Archer: You Can’t Understand the Bible Without Interpreting It If we don’t interpret the Bible, we can never hope to understand it. And if we come to understand what the Bible is saying, then we have interpreted it correctly. I’m glad Philip didn’t have a prejudice against interpretation. He interpreted the Isaiah passage the eunuch […]

One Reason You Are Bored with the Bible

One Reason You Are Bored with the Bible I can already hear people saying, “But I only watch things that are wholesome and I only use social media to connect with other like-minded Christians.” Hey, me too! But that doesn’t mean these things are not still negatively affecting your attention span and ruining your spiritual appetite. And […]