Water to Wine

Water to Wine Gathering

Brian Zahnd and the Word of Life Church are putting together a conference that sounds quite interesting.

Water To Wine is a gathering for those who sense the falseness prevailing in Americanized Christianity and yearn for something better. It’s a gathering for those who want to see the church rescued from fundamentalism, consumerism, and nationalism. It’s a gathering for those asking Jesus to transform their spiritual life from water to wine!

Over three days we’ll talk about theology. We’ll talk about church life and ministry. We’ll talk about the menace of American civil religion. We’ll share stories about leading a church beyond “cotton-candy Christianity.” But most of all we’ll talk about Jesus and the church he is building as an authentic expression of the kingdom of God.

This gathering will be in forum where you can ask any question. Everything is up for discussion. We will learn from one another and perhaps you can make some new friends. Some of the content will have pastors and Christian leaders in mind, but everyone is invited!

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