How the Church is Failing Its Single Members

How the Church is Failing Its Single Members

Celibacy is a beautiful vow, and the Church almost never talks about it. Why wouldn’t we praise someone for literally devoting themselves to God, both in this life and the next? Remember that Jesus calls us to leave behind our nets in favor of a life following Him (Matthew 4:20). Sometimes, relationships can hold believers back from a full life with Christ – meaning a relationship can be a “net” that we must cast aside.

When you are single, your time is His, and you are more able to fully devote yourself to Jesus.

This is such a necessary post. I specifically remember a young woman in one of my study groups almost panicking at one point that her single status somehow meant she was spiritually incomplete. Being single is a choice, not a season of life. We have no problem with the fact that the apostle Paul was single, so we should also have no problem with single women in the Lord either.

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