Dear White Evangelicals

Dear White Evangelicals – I Need You To Do Better | Maurice Broaddus

Before you get lost in reflex-like “terrorist organization” rhetoric, to say “Black Lives Matter” is a reminder. There is an unspoken “too” (as in “Black lives matter, too”) because it’s obvious that to many people they don’t. Black Lives Matter is not a difficult concept to grasp unless a person willfully doesn’t want to. Hiding behind #alllivesmatter is a distraction, an act of erasure, where people retreat to in order to cover their indifference with platitudes.

The simple fact is that Jesus often emphasized specific groups of people. The poor. Those whom others—the majority, the system—would tend to discount or condemn. The marginalized. Those denied a voice. The persecuted. His was a ministry of empathizing with ‘the other.’ He stood in opposition to oppression and systematic racism.

I personally found parts of this article very challenging, and I invite you to let it challenge you too. Yes, there is a definite “us and them” vibe to the writing, but that’s because we have let a “us and them” culture sneak into the church. If you, like I did, find yourself resisting or growing upset with parts of the post, take a second to ask, “Am I upset because the author is saying something contrary to scripture, or am I upset because he’s challenging my assumptions and cultural bubble?”

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