Christians Don’t Need Rights

Christians Don’t Need Rights

But it seems like many of us Christians have this idea that our individual rights are the most important thing. That if these rights are trampled on or disappear, that the end is coming. That America or other Western countries are great because they’re deferential to Christians. But Christ didn’t call us to positions of influence and respect. He didn’t call us to fight for our rights as Christians. He called us to take up our cross and follow him.


Who cares? Since when does your relationship with God depend on your rights as a human being? In the book of Daniel, when Darius made a law prohibiting prayer to any deities for a month, Daniel went back to his house and prayed anyway.

And then he went to a lion’s den.

And when Darius came back to get him the next morning, the first thing that Daniel said to him wasn’t, “Give me back my rights, jerk!” It was, “Oh king, may you live forever.”

To the guy who threw him into a lion’s den for praying.

Because Daniel trusted that God was going to take care of him, even if he didn’t have any rights.

I’ve often said that Satan’s biggest victory over the church in our culture has been in spreading the idea that our rights are essential to our spiritual mission and that Christian victories happen on the floors of Congress rather than in the hearts of individuals.

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