On the Internet, You Never Know Who’s Reading

On the Internet, You Never Know Who’s Reading

Rummaging through my zillions of articles saved to pocket, I came across this gem. Mind you, some of the language in the post is a little stronger than I would usually link, but there is fantastic lesson contained in this author’s experience.

The thing is, we forget sometimes that when there’s a website we don’t like, for whatever reason, that there are people behind it. People who are proud of their work, and who work hard.

We can be rather glib (to steal Jesse’s phrasing) about our feelings and toss off insults without really thinking about what — or who — we might be insulting.

Alternately, when people insult us, we also tend to take things way too personally and lash out. Or, potentially, ignore it completely. We don’t want to “feed the trolls,” after all.

It seems we have a harder time seasoning our words with salt on the Internet than anywhere, but God’s word is true in all places. We can’t be founts of blessings and be founts of cursing at the same time — even when we are hiding behind the Internet’s supposed wall of anonymity.

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