Slander in the Camp

Slander in the Camp

Another word for slander in Greek is diabolos. It is the word that is used for Satan and means the “accuser”, the one who attacks the brethren. Slander is the passionate, determined goal of one person to destroy another. As you can see, it is driven by bitterness, rage, anger, brawling and every form of malice. It is diabolical. What are a few ways that we may attempt to slander someone for the purpose of harming their reputation?

  • Sensationalism — spinning what someone said to sound evil.
  • Betraying confidence — using constructive criticism shared in private and telling the person not present what was said with an evil spin. This is usually done so that they will join in the brawl against another person.
  • Putting words in a person’s mouth that were never said. This is a more straightforward, outright lie.

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