Choosing Life

Every day we are faced with many choices. Many are trivial, and we make them out of habit. Others are more difficult. Paper or plastic; coffee or juice; main roads, side roads, or back roads; narrow path or broad path; life or death. Recently, I had to make a choice between an emergency surgery or letting a pet die. The choice was quick and easy. When given the choice between life and death, I chose life.

When there is hope, when there is an option, we choose life. In Deuteronomy 30, Moses sets a choice before the people between good and evil, between life and death. He commands them to keep God’s commandments and live but calls nature as witness that disobedience is a choice of death. Moses encourages them to choose life.

In John 4:14-15, Jesus invites a Samaritan woman to drink of spiritual water leading to eternal life. Seeing that hope, the Samaritan woman chooses life, and she leaves Him to share that life with others. In contrast, Matthew 19:16 records a man coming to Jesus, expressing an interest in choosing life. When faced with reordering his physical life, however, the young man rejects the message of life.

Every day, we have decisions that affect our spiritual life or death. We are continually faced with the same choice Moses presented before the children of Israel. We can choose obedience and life, or we choose the alternative. Some choices we face matter little in the long run, but other choices have heavier implications to our souls. When there is hope, we choose life. Seize the hope presented by our Savior, and choose spiritual life in Him.

lesson by Tim Smelser