A Knowing Savior

In each of the seven letters to the congregations in the opening chapters of Revelation, Jesus assures those congregations that He knows them, that He knows their problems, their troubles, and their successes. As we study the life of our Savior, we should be with impressed with the level of knowledge He has about those who come after Him. He wants to be close to us and know us like no other can.

Mark 10:17-22 records a young man of great wealth coming to Jesus, and we see that Jesus has compassion for the man, knowing exactly what the man lacks in his life. Luke 19:1-10 records Jesus calling on Zacchaeus, telling him He is going to Zacchaeus’ own house. Jesus knows the man and knows where he lives. Also, John 4 shows Jesus interacting with a Samaritan woman. Again, He demonstrates deep knowledge of her life and shows great care for her. Then, in John 8:1-11, when people bring an adulteress to Him, Jesus knows her guilt and demonstrates the compassion she needs. In John 9:35, Jesus knows a blind man He had healed had been exiled from his people and seeks him out. Finally, in John 11:35, we see Jesus weeping over the death of a loved one.

Time and again, we see Jesus knowing of history, of loss, of guilt. He knows people by name. He knows their homes, their needs, and their hearts. Whenever we see the Lord interacting with people in the Bible, we should see ourselves in those interactions. He knows us the way He knows these varied individuals, and, like these, Jesus knows our greatest needs.

He calls the rich young man to forsake his possessions to follow Him. In Zacchaeus’s house, Jesus says He came to seek and to save. Jesus tells the woman by the well that He is Messiah. He tells the adulteress to repent of her sins, asks the blind man for faith, and He reveals Himself as the source of eternal life to Mary and Martha when raising Lazarus from death. In each case, He knows their greatest need and reveals that He can fulfill those needs.

Jesus knows us, and He knows we need Him in our lives. He loves us, and He died for us. We can know Him the way He knows of if we only humble ourselves, allow Him to fill our lives, and come to Him in faith.

lesson by Tim Smelser