Jesus the Loving Healer

Mark 5:21-24, Jesus is approached by a man named Jairus whose daughter is fatally ill. While Jesus travels to Jairus’ home, in verses 25-34, a woman, possibly a hemophiliac or suffering from a form of plague, touches Him for healing. For twelve years, nothing had helped her. In fact, physician intervention had only made her condition worse, but she expresses faith that Jesus can heal her. When she admits to touching His garments, Jesus blesses her for her faith. From here, Jesus proceeds to Jairus’ home to raise his daughter from death.

Jesus responds to this one seeking Him out in sincerity and faith. He responds to nothing more than a touch. He seeks her out, not to ridicule her or chastise her, but to commend her and bless her for her faith. He responds in gentleness and love. His identification and affirmation is a result of her sincere search for answers in Him. Out of the thousands who possibly come into contact with Jesus that day, she reaches out with faith and intent, and He takes notice of her.

We experience pain and hopelessness in our lives at times. Like this nameless woman, we should seek Christ out in sincerity of faith when we face pain.

  • Are we as touched by His love as He is touched by our plight? Romans 5:6 tells us Jesus died for us when we were weak and struggling in sin.
  • Do we respond to Him as He responds to us? Matthew 9:36, Matthew 14:14, and Matthew 20:34 all record Jesus’ compassion for those around Him.

His love and His word reveal us for what we truly are – lost and in desperate need of a Savior. Hebrews 4:12 tells us His word lays our hearts open before Him. We have but to reach out for Him in sincere faith and in obedience. We affirm Him so He may affirm us as in Matthew 10:32 and Matthew 25:34. Jesus knows our pain, our sorrow, and our frustrations. He knows our needs. He is our loving and gentle Healer. Will we be like the woman of Matthew 5 who reaches out for salvation?

lesson by Tim Smelser