A Small Fish In a Big Pond

“The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others.”

The idea of servitude permeates the New Testament, and it contracts the way we like to center our world around ourselves. We want to be a big fish in a little pond. We want to leave a mark, a name for ourselves.

In Genesis 24, we are introduced to an unnamed servant of Abraham who helps Isaac find a wife. He is an incidental character who plays an important role in these events. He is a small fish. He is pious and faithful. He is devoted to his master, and he is committed to seeing the matter through to the end.

Qualities of Abraham’s Servant

  • His Faith. Immediately, in verse 12, we see this servant praying to God for the success of his endeavor. This is the first prayer recorded in the Bible the solicits an immediate response. He has faith that God can answer him quickly. He worships God, in verse 24-27, when he sees the prayer being answered.
  • His Devotion. When he prays, for God’s assistance, he does so on behalf of Abraham. He is committed to his master. In verse 14, he speaks of kindness to Abraham again, and verse 27 records him praising God for His love for Abraham. This servant is devoted to Abraham.
  • His Commitment. This servant refuses even food before telling Rebekah’s family of his task. He implores the family not to hinder him in his task in verse 56. He would abide no distractions in completing his efforts for the task at hand.

The Small Fish

If this servant is Eleazar, he is doing all these things for the heir that had displaced him. Eleazar of Damascus was to inherit the household of Abraham prior to Isaac’s birth. Despite his lowered position, he still serves his master faithfully. He is humble. He puts others before himself. He serves as a small fish in a big pond.

lesson by Tim Smelser