More Than a Label

Christianity should be more than a label in our lives. It should be a quality that exemplifies our actions. It should be a word that characterizes our entire personality. Faith (to paraphrase Shakespeare) is not a fashion. It is a commitment, and it is a commitment that involves actions driven by that faith. If we truly apply what it means to be a Christian, we may turn out to be very different individuals.

Faith in Action

  • A Foundation of Faith. In I Peter 3:15, the apostle encourages to be able to explain our faith. We do not do what we do because it is tradition. Romans 10:17 explains that our faith comes from knowledge of God’s word. Our faith should be based on a foundation, and questioning and study is required to build that foundation. Jesus, in John 5:39, does encourage his audience to actively study.
  • Faithfulness in Prayer. There is a direct correlation between one’s prayer life and his or her strength as a Christian. I Peter 3:12, James 5:15, and I Thessalonians 5:17 are all passages that emphasize the importance of and the power of prayer. Prayer is part of our relationship with our Father, and it is a recognition of the influence and power He has in our lives.
  • Faith and Love. We can defeat ourselves in the way we behave toward each other, and the way we treat each others comes down to the love we have for God and for others. The love that saves us and brings others to Christ takes effort. We are good to others because of the influence Christ has in our lives.


These are simple basics of our faith, but they are fundamental to how we will live as Christians. We have to be convinced of our own faith, and we should be reinforcing our faith through prayer. Then, the faith that we live should be evident to others in the love and kindness we demonstrate. We are saved in Christ, and our lives should reflect His example once we choose to follow Him.

lesson by Derek Weaver