Things I’ve Learned from Godly Women

Considering the context of this day, it is appropriate to consider the gift God has given us in the mothers He gave us. I Peter 3:6 calls Christian women daughters of Sara, and godly women, like Sara, have lessons to teach us regardless of our gender. In fact, many people can attribute their obedience to the gospel to the influence of their mothers in studying the Bible with them when young.

Learning from Godly Women

  • Sharing the Word. Sharing God’s word is a great contribution women can make to God’s kingdom. In Titus 2:4 instructs women to pass their wisdom on to subsequent generations. An examples of this are in Lois and Eunice. II Timothy 1:5 and II Timothy 3:14-15 speak to the influence these women had on Timothy despite the fact that his father was an unbeliever. Furthermore, In Acts 18, we meet Priscilla and Aquila, a husband and wife who – in verses 24-26 – together help a preacher named Apollos better understand baptism.
  • Hospitality. How often do we associate hospitality with males? Romans 12:13 instructs us to pursue opportunities for hospitality. I Timothy 3:2 and I Peter 4:9 both list hospitality along with other Christian qualities we value. Take Mary and Martha in Luke 10, John 11, John 12, and other scriptures who open their home to Jesus and His apostles. In Acts 12:12, Mary (mother of John Mark) is hosting many individuals who are praying for Peter, and Acts 16:15 tells of the conversion of Lydia and the hospitality she shows to Paul.
  • Compassion. Acts 9 tells us of Tabitha who showed kindness and charity to many who came in contact with her. In Romans 16:1, Phoebe is referred to as a helper of many. Also, think of the women who tended to Jesus and even continued to visit His tomb. These individuals lived compassionately, a quality we could all learn more about.


Many of these are examples of “women professing godliness,” and they are recorded as examples to all of us. Mother’s Day is a time allowing us to reflect on the women who may have helped raise us, but let’s also remember the lessons we have learned from them and all the godly women with whom we’ve had contact.

lesson by Tim Smelser