Planned Parenthood

This is not an examination of what the world’s concept of “planned parenthood” is, but rather we will examine what God’s word has to say about being a parent. We will study on how to be godly parents.

Only about 60% of children (according to one study) raised as a Christian follow that example when they begin families of their own.

Planning to Be a Godly Parent

We must plan to love our children. This is the type of love that will make us do everything in our power to make sure that our child not only has a good life but also will make it to heaven after this life. Luke 15 records the Parable of the Lost Son. This father recognizes the great value of his son regardless of his son’s great errors. He also recognizes the value of his faithful son. His love is unconditional, and he passes that lesson on to his sons.

We must be the right type of example to our children. This is in all parts of our life — humility, respect for authority, love of God, etc. This is not just at service. This is everywhere. Noah, Abraham, Joshua are Old Testament examples of parents who devoted their lives to living for God.

We must plan to teach our children. Our children, through our words and our actions, will learn behaviors, values, and attitudes, whether they are good or bad. 2 Timothy 1:5. Children are taught in two ways: 1. Parental Control. 2. Parental Influence.

We must plan to make time for our children. Taking time away from the central focus of family can begin to pull apart that structure. Ephesians 6:4. How much time? As much as it takes. We may have to sacrifice to make that time.

How Can We Get This Done?

  • We must plan to be focused on the goal.
  • We must plan to study our Bibles diligently.
  • We must plan to pray without ceasing. We are not in this alone.

lesson by Tim Smelser