More On Kindness

Did you know that when you are nice to a sales associate/wait staff/service representative about a problem you are having, chances are you will get a better solution to said problem? It’s true: kindness begets kindness! People are more likely to go out of their way to help you if you are nice to them first.

Think about this next time something is wrong with your food order. If you are kind in your encounter with the wait staff, how much more will he or she be willing to help you? On the other hand, you may get a free meal replacement if you throw a fit, but your food might get tampered with on top of the fact that your temperament will ruin your evening along with those with you.

When you walk into a store that you visit often, how do the employees see you? Are you a customer the staff will willingly approach to help, or do they try to avoid you at all costs? (For the record, please don’t tell me that store clerks don’t remember customers. I used to work retail. We remember you just fine. We merely choose not to approach you and say, “I remember you! You were a complete freakazoid last time you were here! We really wish you would never come back!”)

You impact others, believe it or net. You can choose to make a good impression and help improve their day, or you can choose to be a source of discouragement and frustration. Who do you want to be?